Cacao Trace - Our sustainability commitment to you and future generations

What is Cacao-Trace?

Cacao-Trace, our sustainable cocoa program, aims to create value for everyone - from producer to consumer -  through improved taste.

Our chocolate is obtained from the highest quality beans, fermented and dried according to strict rules. In our post-harvest centres very close to the cocoa plantations, our specialists monitor the fermentation process and improve it. This ensures both uniformly excellent taste for chocolate lovers and better income for growers in the five countries where the program is currently present: Ivory Coast, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Vietnam.

The assets of Cacao-Trace

Our program has all the classic elements of sustainable certification. But, Cacao-Trace goes even further with two points of differentiation:

1. The Chocolate Bonus

For each Cacao-Trace product purchased, the Puratos group pays 0.10 € / kilo directly to cocoa producers to support them in the process of good and sustainable cocoa. In 2018, we collected a bonus of nearly € 280,000 to our partner producers.

2. Control of fermentation 

Tasty chocolate can only come from well-fermented cocoa beansJust as a great wine depends on how its grapes are fermented, the more mastered the fermentation process of the cocoa beans, the better the chocolate will taste.

This is why we integrate fermentation into our Cacao-Trace program. We have set up post-harvest centers near our cocoa producers. There our experts control and improve the fermentation process and check the quality of the cocoa. It is thanks to these actions that our chocolate has a regular and exceptional taste.

What can we provide you with?