Brioche Concept

All you need to know about Brioche

Brioche has become a global sensation. In the past years, online conversations have grown more than 15%, with 20% more new launches each year! Over 1.000 new brioche products have been launched in over 60 countries. It is now an established product within the UK and has recently seen great success targeting alternative eating occasions such as delivering a more premium feel to burger buns in fast food. 

With a focus on balanced costs and differentiation, Puratos can help you and your customers to create the perfect taste and texture in brioche recipes.


We offer an extensive range of key ingredients: improvers & mixes such as Puraslim, Mimetic Incorporation, Easy Soft’r Brioche, fillings, specialty fats, glazes and sourdough, to name a few. 

From French classic brioche to plant-based and healthier twists, discover a range of innovative recipes and bring not only a touch of France to your product range, but also answer the consumer needs of tomorrow

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