The Future of Bread Lies in its Past

The world of bread is endless, branching out into a wealth of textures, recipes and traditions. But its roots are quite simple. It all starts with natural fermentation. With sourdough and grains. Consumer demand for traditional ingredients shows no sign of slowing down. On the contrary: consumers crave natural, healthy breads more than ever before.

Discover the sourdough story

The Quest for Sourdough

To chart baking traditions and unlock breads’ full potential, Puratos embarked on a ‘Quest for Sourdough’ around the world. Karl De Smedt lives this quest every day. He is Puratos’ dedicated ‘Sourdough Librarian’, traveling the world in search of old bread traditions and preserving the sourdoughs in the Puratos Sourdough Library since 2013. 

The Puratos Sourdough Library houses an amazing collection of authentic sourdoughs. We don’t own them though. This is a non-profit initiative and the sourdoughs remain property of their respective owners. It’s Puratos’ way of contributing to the heritage of bread. At everybody can put their sourdough on the map and make it known to the world. It is this online collection that truly shows how endless the variety of bread is.

- Karl De Smedt, Sourdough Librarian

This Quest around the world inspires us to develop a unique range of sourdoughs and specialty grains that allow you to bake traditional breads, and create your future.

Watch Karl's Quest to Turkey

Future of bread ingredients

Puratos’ portfolio of ‘Future of Bread ingredients” brings authenticity and taste to your breads. Whether you focus on every day breads or the premium loaves, you’ll always find an ingredient in our range that helps your business grow best. It all starts with creating that ‘Rustic Style’ look, taste, texture and building your story. And at the start of these characteristics are 4 simple ingredients: flour, water, salt and O-tentic. O-tentic has a rich history based on Italian tradition. By adding 4% of O-tentic Durum in your dough, you can re-create the authentic aroma and quality of Italian breads in any bakery item. And if you want to personalize it, or go for the healthiest breads, just add Sapore
and Specialty Grains. Our range reflects the variety that sourdough and grains has to offer so that you can grow your business with ingredients perfectly matching your bakery.



Based on natural fermentation, O-tentic is the start of exceptional bread full of taste, flavour, and texture.



Sapore is our range of sourdoughs that offer a natural, traditional and differentiating taste, and structure to your bread.

Speciality Grains

Speciality Grains

Inspired by ancient processing methods, these healthy Specialty Grains create the tastiest breads.

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