Grains and seeds

SPECIALTY GRAINS: Healthy Grains, Tasty Breads

We believe that today’s baker can rely on the expertise of the 250 generations of bakers before ours.

Therefore, we research and preserve the heritage of bread in the Sourdough Library and re-introduce traditional ingredients like sourdoughs and ancient specialty grains. That’s how we support you to join the tradition and create your future.

Softgrain have all the goodness of wholegrains, with extra natural freshness & a superior taste! These ready-to-use wholegrains and seeds are cooked and infused with sourdough, offering an innovative and differentiated product range, with the added convenience of a healthy, flavourful solution. 

Sproutgrain are sprouted and fermented wholegrains & seeds and a unique ally for both health and taste. At Puratos, we add an extra fermentation step to give the grains an even more fantastic taste!

Puratos Softgrains

Inspired by Northern European bakers in the past, the Softgrain range takes wholegrains and seeds and cooks and infuses them in sourdough so they’re ready to use.

Wholegrains and seeds are cooked and infused with sourdough to deliver the best taste

Puratos Sproutgrains

Centuries ago, Russian and Chinese folks were sprouting grains and beans. Sprouting allowed them to enjoy many health benefits such as avoiding scurvy disease and improving digestion.

Unique technology using only air and water and a final fermentation step gives the sprouted grains an outstanding sweet taste.


Benefits for the baker

  • Convenient: Ready to use, easy to use 
  • Versatile: Sweet and savoury applications
  •  In demand: Aligned to consumer trends Potential for health claims: Source of fibre or wholegrain 
  • Great texture: Avoid hard grains 
  • Improved shelf life: Prevent fast drying of the crumb (The grains slowly release their infused moistness to naturally prolong the freshness of the bread)

Benefits for the consumer

  • Great taste: Thanks to unique fermentation techniques 
  • Great texture: The grains add a juicy mouthfeel to the crumb 
  • Health benefits: Source of vitamins and minerals, fibre and wholegrain

Download our whitepaper on the benefits of sprouted grains

The Sproutgrain range

The Sproutgrain range

Ready-to-use, sprouted and fermented wholegrains & seeds

The Softgrain range

The Softgrain range

Ready-to-use, cooked (sprouted) wholegrains & seeds infused with sourdough