Fine Patisserie mixes

The Puratos range of Fine Patisserie Mixes offer high-quality ingredients, exquisite flavours and freshness guaranteed to entice and satisfy your customers.

For example, our PatisFrance mixes use pralinés and nut powders to provide the ultimate ‘source of seduction’ – delighting consumers while giving you the opportunity to work with genuine French ingredients.

What are the advantages of using our Fine Patisserie Mixes?

Puratos’ Fine Patisserie Mixes will help you increase product sales and profitability. With over 65 years’ experience of sourcing and transforming different types of nut, we treat, roast and blend the finest raw materials to create delicious mixes. Mixes that will delight your customers and keep them coming back for more.

How do Fine Patisserie Mixes help to differentiate patisserie products?

Our Fine Patisserie Mixes add a touch of excellence to your products that will set you apart from the competition. Our mixes range from French patisserie to more global finished products, chocolate and ice cream, offering unlimited options for chocolate-making, patisserie and viennoiserie creations. When it comes to taste and texture, our Fine Patisserie Mixes really make the difference.

Fine Patisserie Mixes


Coldfil Vanilla | Patisserie

Coldfil Vanilla

Vanilla filling for non baking applications

Satin 20 Chocolate Mix

Satin 20 Chocolate Mix

Create delicious reduced sugar cakes, muffins and more

Bavarois Neutre | Patisserie

Bavarois Neutre Gelatin Free

Flavouring and stabilizing preparation for fresh and non-dairy creams

Ovablanca | Patisserie


Complete mix in powder form, for the preparation of meringue.

Carat Cover Dark U2 | Chocolate

Carat Cover Dark U2

Dark chocolate compound coating for enrobing and deocrating.

Classic Raspberry | Patisserie

Classic Raspberry

Natural fruit based concentrated flavouring and colouring paste for confectionery and ice cream.

Belcrem Subito | Patisserie

Belcrem Subito

A premium Vanilla Custard Powder for perfectly slicable yellow cream. Ideal for Tompouces, baking, and freezing stability.

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