Banana Mudslide


Satin Crème Cake Mix Chocolate 1.000 kg
Egg 0.350 kg
oil 0.300 kg
Water 0.135 kg
Classic Banana 0.090 kg
Satin Crème Cake Mix Coffee 1.000 kg
Egg 0.350 kg
Oil 0.300 kg
Water 0.225 kg
Toasted coconut to decorate
Chantypak 1.000 kg
Classic Mocha 0.050 kg
total 4.800


  • Using a planetary mixer & beater mix Satin Crème Cake Chocolate Mix, eggs, oil, water & Classic Banana, mix for 1 min on slow, scrape down. Mix for 3 mins on medium.
  • Repeat for coffee mixture mix.
  • Deposit the batter into a greased 18"x15" trays, sprinkling the coffee batter with toasted coconut. Bake at 160˚C for 30 - 35 mins. Once cooled cut into 2cm cubes.
  • Whip Chantypak to soft peaks then add the Classic Mocha, mix to combine.
  • Build the dessert into glasses or plastic pots.


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