Back to the roots of taste

What do we mean with Back to the roots of taste?

Our exquisite Belcolade origins chocolates will take you on a journey to where it all began, to the terroirs of the diverse regions in which our cocoa beans are cultivated. When combined with local and authentic fermentation techniques, the outcome is cocoa beans packed with an exquisite & natural depth of flavour.

With more then 30 years of experience in creating superior tasting Belgian chocolate, we are dedicated to craft for you a unique bouquet of tastes that makes your recipes a unique gastronomic experience!





There isn’t a single taste that defines chocolate. Our Belcolade taste experts meticulously analyse each type of cocoa bean & chocolate to unveil their specific flavour profiles. Afterwards, they capture and express those flavours through conching and refining.

Our taste expertise is translated to our own sensory map “Les Arômes de Cyrano”.

This map creates a common understanding of each taste, so that we can partner towards crafting the innovative and delicous creations you have in mind.