Pastry Perfection - ingredient inspiration

Now more than ever, consumers crave delicious pastries that offer exciting textures, flavours and formats – and health benefits are the cherry on the top. 

When it comes to laminated dough, pâtissiers have ample opportunity to reinvent indulgence, from dough inclusions to fillings. We can help you rise to the challenge of producing pastry that not only excites and delights but also taps into current top consumer trends established by our Taste Tomorrow platform. 

Redefine indulgence

With Mimetic...

MIMETIC is Puratos’ best plant-based butter alternative. It is a unique, plant-based specialty fat allowing chefs to create deliciously tasting bakery and patisserie goods with the same melting experience as butter but much easier to work with and more cost efficient than butter. To replace butter AND to upgrade margarine made products (1-1 replacement). It results from years of R&D and bakers’ expertise and know-how.

Reimagine taste & texture

With Sourdough...

Sapore Carmen is an active liquid wheat sourdough for sweet goods. Based on the panettone starter culture, it is designed for sweet bakery products such as croissants and danish.

  • Improve freshness
  • Enhance a moist and melting mouthfeel with a short bite
  • Enhanced buttery note
  • Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan diets, combine with mimetic to develop a full vegan-friendly pastry. 

With Sproutgrain Rye in Syrup...

Moist and soft sprouted and fermented rye kernels in syrup. They provide: 

  • Healthy laminated products
  • A source of fibre claim
  • Wholegrains
  • Great taste thanks to fermentation flavour and grains
  • Outstanding freshness 

Rethink appearance

With Sunset Glaze...

Sunset Glaze is an egg-wash alternative that delivers outstanding shine and colour and avoids all the problems you might have using real eggs, no matter how fresh they are. Sunset Glaze is unsweetened, making it suitable as a glaze for both savoury and sweet pastries.

With Topfil fillings...

A range of delicious fruit fillings packed with up to 90% fruit, providing your customers the sensation and nutrition of fresh, crunchy and juicy fruit. The perfect solution for consumers looking for more natural food. Ready-to-use, Topfil meets the most demanding requirements of professionals by being both bake and freeze stable, whilst our range variety means you have endless possibilities in terms of fillings or topping for pastries. 

Reconnect with storytelling

With Utterly Fruity inclusions...

Utterly Fruity is a unique collection of real fruit and vegetable pieces, specially formulated to overcome moisture migration issues in bakery and patisserie products. The delicious range allows for the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in baked goods, without compromising on product texture, flavour, or shelf-life.  

Made from high-quality ingredients which maintain their fresh fruit integrity in harsh mixing and at high temperatures, they’re easy to use and versatile. In addition, they never freeze, making them perfect if freezing your pastries. 

With Carat Nuxel...

Carat Nuxel, a premium and sustainable nut filling that will raise your creations to an even higher level. Delicious and sustainable, it delivers the a silky and smooth texture. We have carefully selected cocoa powder made from a well-balanced blend of cacao beans, sourced from our Cacao-Trace programme. To find out more about the storytelling opportunities with Cacao-Trace, visit the link below.