Scottish Bakers - Sourdough Recipes

Discover recipes for some of our favourite baked goods that have had their flavour naturally enhanced with the addition of sourdough. As seen at The Scottish Bakers Conference 2024.

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Sourdough Fruit Cake

This modern twist to the beloved fruit cake combines lush dried fruits and rich spices, enriched by sourdough's nutty, chestnut, and creamy notes.

Scottish Sourdough Oatcake

Explore the taste of Scotland's culinary heritage with this recipe, featuring hearty oats, pinhead oats, and a touch of sourdough for that perfect blend of texture and taste.

Baked Sourdough Doughnut

This recipe delivers doughnuts with a delightful texture that is both fluffy and slightly chewy, aligning with modern consumer trends toward healthier eating without compromising on taste.

Danish Pastry with Sourdough

This recipe promises layers of buttery perfection complemented by the subtle complexity of sourdough fermentation, enhancing the pastry's tender, flaky texture.

Sourdough Bloomer

This recipe elevates the British classic by incorporating sourdough, bringing a depth of flavour that complements the bread’s soft, airy crumb.

Five Grain Crusty Cob With Sourdough

This recipe combines a hearty blend of five grains, enriching the traditional cob with a variety of textures and flavours.

Sourdough Shortbread

This recipe blends the crisp, buttery texture of shortbread with the subtle complexity of sourdough, complementing the rich sweetness.