Puratos UK launches Sproutgrain and Softgrain Oats to bring unique flavour to bread and bakery

7 Apr 2021

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Puratos UK is launching Sproutgrain Oat and Softgrain Sprouted Oat this month to help bakers create new, innovative breads that are in line with consumer trends. With texture, health and wellbeing now important priorities for consumers, alongside taste and freshness (Puratos Taste Tomorrow 2020 and 2018), the products are Sproutgrain Oat is an exciting addition to the Puratos  offering.

Made of oat kernels, which have been sprouted and fermented to deliver a  unique sweet and creamy taste, Sproutgrain Oat provides a juicy mouthfeel to the crumb resulting in a fresh-tasting product. Softgrain Sprouted Oats are  cooked and infused with sourdough to deliver a unique creamy, sweet flavour with fermented sourdough notes. Rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and wholegrain, the new additions Sproutgrain Oat offers both convenience and versatility and can be used in a host of sweet and savoury applications. It can also be added to the dough at the beginning or end of mixing.

Alongside sprouted grains meeting numerous consumer trends, oats and multigrain are also booming in popularity. Last year, eighteen per cent of launches in the bread category contained oats and grains*, highlighting demand.

As consumers look for more natural ingredients and processes in bread, Puratos believes the future of bread lies in its past and that today’s baker can be inspired by the expertise of the 250 generations of bakers before ours. Centuries ago in Russia and China, people were sprouting grains and beans to allow them to enjoy many health benefits such as improved digestion. Thanks to unique technology at Puratos, sprouting is achieved with only three ingredients: carefully selected grains, water and air with a final, natural fermentation step. The Softgrain range is inspired by Northern European bakers in the past who cooked and infused wholegrains and seeds in sourdough.

Available in a 10kg pouch, Sproutgrain Oat should be kept chilled and has a shelf life of three months.

James Slater, R & D Director, Puratos UK, said: “Puratos Sproutgrain Oat is an innovative and convenient solution for bakers that takes away the complexity of controlling the sprouting process themselves. The product is extremely versatile and offers real differentiation, providing them with a simple way to reinvent their current bread category.”

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