Mango and Passionfruit Filling

Smooth textured Mango and Passionfruit Filling that is full of flavour, for post bake injection into muffins and doughnuts. 

  • Contain real fruit
  • Impactful flavour
  • Cleaner label
  • Made to order to deliver the freshest product
  • Ready to use
Customer advantages
  • Delight customers and drive sales
  • Retained freshness over shelf life
  • Great performing thaw and serve
  • Healthier nutritional profiles
  • Convenience of a ready to use filling
Consumer advantages
  • Indulgence, choice and variety
  • Great tasting packaged cakes
  • Freshness in taste with less waste
  • Delicious products that are healthier

Our fillings help you create tastier and better-looking applications. They stay right where you want them, regardless of production process, whilst keeping your products fresh appearance and natural fruit taste.

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