Taste Tomorrow texture

Texture has become a key component of taste

Taste remains the most important factor when buying pastry & cakes and chocolate, consumers agree that texture is an integral part of taste.

Use unusual ingredients to create a new mouthfeel and a brand new texture combinations that will leave your customers coming back for more.

Taste is the main driver for line extensions and category crossovers with many launches sticking to classic flavours - chocolate remains the number 1 flavour however consumers are always looking for something 'new'. 

Re-inventing traditional products, maybe with a new or premium twist is a great way to enhance consumer eating experience and  texture is the ideal way to implement new flavours and ideas.


What do consumers say? 

Texture is more important than taste, it is special and looks so good.

Taste Tomorrow respondant 2018

Add texture with inclusions

Add texture to your bakery

Grains and sourdough can elevate the texture of your baked goods.

Add texture to your chocolate

Contrast the smooth chocolate with crunchy, smooth, fruity inclusions...

Adding texture to patisserie

Try this exclusive recipe created for Taste Tomorrow

Taste Tomorrow layered cheesecake with sprouted grains recipe

Re-inventing indulgence with this multiple textured cheesecake created by Puratos UK's Patisserie Applications Specialist Matthew Bratt