O-tentic Durum Ciabatta with Sproutgrain Rye and Onion

Rustic style ciabatta bread,  with artisan look and feel, sourdough flavours and waxy texture with juicy softgrains. This recipe allows you create a rustic style bread on an industrial line.

Working method:

  • Mixing Spiral: 6 mins slow, then 8 mins fast.
  • Dough temperature around 28°C
  • Bulk ferment for 90 mins or overnight and run through a Paniatrad.
  • Scale, cut and make up as required
  • Final ferment for 30 mins at an ambient temperature
  • Cut as for a Ciabatta. 
  • Bake for 14 mins +/- at 230°C with steam down to 220°C after loading.