High Street Baker SANDWICH Chicken Cacciatore


Spelt Ciabatta 1
Cooked chicken pieces 200g
Sundried tomato paste 60g
Black olives (chopped) 20g
Mayonnaise 40g
Smoked paprika 1g
Salt and pepper To season
Hard Mozzarella 3 slices


  • Split the Spelt Ciabatta in half horizontally.
  • Combine the sundried tomato paste, mayonnaise, olives & paprika.
  • Add the chicken, mix to combine, season to taste with salt & pepper.
  • Spread the filling over the base of the ciabatta evenly.
  • Top the filling with the sliced Mozzarella then replace the lid.
  • Toast in a Panini press until piping hot in the centre and the cheese is melted.