High Street Baker SANDWICH Mediterranean Vegetable Medley


Demi baguette a L’Ancienne 1
Roasted courgette 1
Roasted red onion 1
Avocado peeled & sliced ½
Gruyere cheese 6-8 slices


  • Slice the courgette lengthways.
  • Peel & quarter the onion.
  • Cut the pepper into 2x2cm chunks. Season well.
  • Roast with 50ml of olive oil until well coloured & tender.
  • Drain well, keep the cooking liquor.
  • Cut the Demi Baguette a L’Ancienne in half horizontally, brush inside with the cooking liquor.
  • Lay the courgette slices across the bottom half of the bread, top with the onion and pepper.
  • Layer onto the vegetables the sliced Gruyere cheese.
  • Lay the slices of avocado over the cheese and replace the top of the bread.