Satin Crème Cake Mix Chocolate 0.750 kg
Egg 0.300 kg
Butter (Melted) 0.240 kg
Belcolade Milk Enrobing 0.360 kg
Golden syrup 0.120 kg
Glucose 0.140 kg
Belcolade Plain Chunks 0.200 kg
Pink frosting 0.120 kg
Classic Raspberry 0.350 kg
total 2.580
Vivafil Raspberry 0.350 kg
Carat Decorcrem Dark 0.250 kg
Carat Decorcrem White 0.250 kg
Topping total 0.850


  • Add to the planetary mixer with a beater all the brownie batter ingredients.
  • Mix on slow for 1 min.
  • scrape down and mix for a further 1 min on slow speed.
  • Deposit the batter into a lined half tray and smooth flat, stripe the batter with Vivafil Raspberry.