Satin Crème Cake Mix Chocolate | Patisserie 0.750 kg
Egg 0.300 kg
Butter (Melted) 0.240 kg
Belcolade Milk Enrobing | Chocolate 0.360 kg
Golden syrup 0.120 kg
Glucose 0.140 kg
Belcolade Plain Chunks | Patisserie 0.200 kg
Pink frosting 0.120 kg
Classic Raspberry | Patisserie 0.350 kg
total 2.580
Vivafil Raspberry | Patisserie 0.350 kg
Carat Decorcrem Dark 0.250 kg
Carat Decorcrem White 0.250 kg
Topping total 0.850


  • Add to the planetary mixer with a beater all the brownie batter ingredients.
  • Mix on slow for 1 min.
  • scrape down and mix for a further 1 min on slow speed.
  • Deposit the batter into a lined half tray and smooth flat, stripe the batter with Vivafil Raspberry.