Brownie Batter
Satin Crème Cake Mix Chocolate 0.375 kg
Egg 0.150 kg
Butter (Melted) 0.120 kg
Belcolade White Enrobing 0.180 kg
Golden Syrup 0.060 kg
Glucose 0.070 kg
Brownie Batter total 0.955
Cookie Dough
Satin Crème Cake Concentrate Plain 0.500 kg
Butter 0.150 kg
Water 0.050 kg
Belcolade Milk Chunks 0.100 kg
Cookie Dough total 0.800


  • Mix & beat all brownie batter ingredients for 1 min on slow, scrape down, repeat.
  • Deposit 450g of batter into a 220mm x 220mm greased foil tray.
  • Top the brownie batter with 13 x 10g pieces of raw cookie dough.
  • Bake at 170°C top heat, 160°C bottom heat for 30 mins on a double tray.
  • Once cooled, dust with cocoa.