Cake Toasties


Satin Crème Cake Mix Plain | Patisserie 1.000 kg
Egg 0.350 kg
Oil 0.300 kg
Water 0.225 kg
Vivafil Strawberry | Patisserie 0.010 kg (toastie)
total 1.885


  • Add Satin Crème Cake Plain Mix, egg, oil & water to a planetary mixer with a beater. 
  • Mix on slow for 2 mins, scrape down.
  • Mix for a further 3 mins medium.
  • Into a pre-heated greased sandwich toaster pipe vanilla batter to cover the base.
  • Pipe Vivafil Strawberry in the centre then cover with more vanilla batter.
  • Close the lid and cook for 3-4 mins.

Try different flavour cake mixes and fillings till you find your favourite!


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