Vegan Raspberry Muffin


Cake mix
Satin vegan complete mix 1.000 kg
Oil 0.300 kg
Water 0.395kg
Cake mix total 1.300
Filling (per cake)
Vivafil Raspberry | Patisserie 0.012 kg
Filling (per cake) total 0.012
Glaze (Muffin)
Harmony Sublimo 0.005 kg
Glaze (Muffin) total 0.005


  • Using a planetary mixer & beater mix the cake mix ingredients.
  • Mix on slow for 2 mins, scrape down. Mix for 3 mins on medium speed.       
  • Deposit into tulip cases at 120g, inject with 12g of Vivafil Raspberry.               
  • Bake at 170˚C top heat 180°C bottom heat for 30 - 35mins.  
  • Glaze from the oven with Harmony Sublimo.