Tutti Fruitti Cake batter
Satin Crème Cake Mix Lemon 1.000 kg
Egg 0.350 kg
Oil 0.300 kg
Water 0.135 kg
Classic Orange 0.200 kg
Mixed peel 0.200 kg
Glace cherries 0.200 kg
Tutti Fruitti Cake batter total 2.385
White choc cherry lemon mousse
Belcolade White Enrobing 0.400 kg
Water 0.300 kg
Bavarois Neutre 0.250 kg
Chantypak 1.000 kg
Deli Citron 0.200 kg
Topfil Cherry 0.300 kg
White choc cherry lemon mousse total 2.450
Topping (per cake)
Belcolade Ganache 0.200 kg
Candied fruits / nuts 0.020 kg
Topping (per cake) total 0.220


  • Mix Satin Crème Cake Lemon Mix, eggs, oil, water, Classic Orange, mixed peel & glace cherries for 2 mins on a slow speed, scrape down, mix for 3 mins on medium.
  • Deposit the batter into a lined half tray.
  • Bake at 160°C for 20 - 30 mins.
  • Pour the boiling water over the Belcolade White Enrobing & mix until fully melted.
  • Add the Bavarois Neutre & mix smooth.
  • Add the Chantypak, whip to soft peaks.
  • Fold through the Deli Citron & Topfil Cherry.
  • Line a greased pudding bowl with strips of tutti frutti cake then fill with mousse.
  • Seal with a disc of tutti frutti cake, wrap with cling film then freeze.
  • Remove the frozen zuccotto from its mould and enrobe with Belcolade Ganache.
  • Finish with candied fruits, nuts & sweetsnow.