Vegan Boston Cream Biscuit


Cake mix
Satin Vegan Chocolate Cake Mix 0.400 kg
Cake margarine 0.150 kg
Soya milk 0.050 kg
Biscuit flour 0.160 kg
Golden syrup 0.070 kg
Cake mix total 0.830
Filling (per biscuits)
Cremfil Vanilla | Patisserie 0.010 kg
Filling (per biscuits) total 0.010
Topping (per biscuit)
Cocoa 0.001 kg
Topping (per biscuit) total 0.001


  • Using a planetary mixer & beater mix the Satin Vegan Chocolate Mix, flour, margarine & syrup to form a crumb, add the soya milk & mix to form a dough.
  • Pin the dough to 5mm & cut into desired shapes.
  • Bake at 170˚C for 10 mins.
  • Once cooled sandwich two biscuits with 10g of Cremfil Classic Vanilla.
  • Dust with cocoa.