Vegan Apricot Slice


Cake mix
NEW! Satin Vegan Cake Plain Mix 1.000 kg
Soya milk 0.200 kg
Oil 0.320 kg
Water 0.250 kg
Glycerine 0.090 kg
Ground almonds 0.300 kg
Almond extract 0.024 kg
Cake mix total 2.184
Topping (per cake)
Apricot halves 0.080 kg
Harmony Sublimo 0.020 kg
Flaked almonds 0.012 kg
Sweetsnow 0.002 kg
Topping (per cake) total 0.114


  • Using a planetary mixer & beater combine the cake mix ingredients.                                      
  • Mix on slow for 2 mins, scrape down. Mix for 3 mins on medium speed.                                               
  • Deposit into 9 inch foil trays at 500g, top with 16 apricot halves.                                 
  • Bake at 170˚C for 20 – 25 mins.                                  
  • Glaze from the oven with Harmony Sublimo.                                    
  • Sprinkle the cooled cakes with flaked almonds and dust with sweetsnow.