Brownie Sticks


Working Method

  • Heat the Belcolade Noir Selection Cacao Trace and the butter to 40°C. Mix the Satin Brownie Crème Cake Mix Chocolate and the eggs for 1 minute at slow speed with a flat beater. Add the melted chocolate and butter, mix with a flat beater until you obtain a smooth texture. Blend in the nuts and chocolate chunks at the end. Spread out evenly 1100 g into a 20 x 40 cm frame. Bake at 170°C for 24 min.
  • Cut the cake into small rectangles and insert a stick into the end of each rectangle.
  • Heat the Carat Milk and milk fat up to 38°C. Dip each brownie into the coating and leave to set in the fridge. For the decoration, heat the Carat White up to 40°C, add food coloring and drizzle on top of the brownie. Leave to set.

About this recipe

This Brownie Sticks recipe, ideal for the Olympics and other sporting events, highlights a rich blend of high-quality chocolate and nuts. These indulgent brownie sticks are dipped in a smooth milk coating and decorated with a drizzle of coloured white chocolate, creating an eye-catching and delicious treat.