Golden Medal Tarts


Working Method

  • Mix all the ingredients for the shortcrust together until you obtain a texture. Reserve in the fridge. Roll out to 2.7 mm and line metal rings of Ø 7 cm.
  • In each ring, add 15 g of the Vivafil Raspberry and spread carefully over the base of the tart shell.
  • To make the almond cream, mix the butter and sugar with a paddle to obtain a creamy texture. Mix the Ground Almonds and the milk powder to form a creamy mixture. Gradually add the eggs until you obtain a smooth texture. Add the flour at the end.
  • Pipe 30 g of cream into each ring. Place on a Silpain and bake for 40 minutes at 170°C. When baked, cover the rings immediately with baking paper and a tray to ensure an even top. Remove the metal rings and leave to cool.
  • Boil together all the ingredients for the bergamot syrup and leave to cool.
  • For the apple jelly, heat together the water, bergamot juice and the Passion Fruit Purée. Add the Bavarois Neutre and mix. Cut the Granny Smith apple into small 4mm cubes.
  • Take small half-sphere Ø 4 cm molds. Put 8 g of the apple in each mold and fill up to the edges with the warm juice. Freeze.
  • Demold the jelly and glaze with the Miroir Glassage at 40°C. Tip: mix a gold leaf in with the glassage to give a special effect.
  • To make the meringue, heat the egg white with the sugar in a bain-marie up to 50°C. Whip until you achieve a smooth fluffy texture.
  • Soak the baked tart generously with the bergamot syrup. Place a glazed jelly in the middle of the tart and pipe the meringue around the jelly, using a turntable.

About this recipe

The Golden Medal Tarts recipe is a prime choice for the Olympics and other sporting events. These tarts feature a rich almond cream paired with a vibrant raspberry filling, elegantly topped with apple jelly and glossy glaze. Enhanced with bergamot syrup and meringue, the recipe offers a refined, aromatic experience. The result is a visually stunning and exquisite dessert.