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Fast alignment with trends

  • Bespoke product development
  • 1 day co-creation sessions
  • Quick sample turnaround time

Technical and R&D expertise

  • 100 years in bakery and extensive knowledge of ice cream, dairy and chilled desserts

Health and wellness options

  • Nut free, gluten-free, reduced sugar, vegan 

Flexible manufacturing

  • Smaller batch sizes possible
  • Fruit ID possible
  • Wide range of packaging options

UK production site

Our 50,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Lancashire has the capacity and capabilities to meet a wide range of fillings needs. We supply customers of all sizes from artisans to industrial manufacturers in the ice cream, dessert, patisserie and sweet bakery categories

We are at the forefront when it comes to innovation and are always looking at flavour trends and new concepts to offer customers. Driven by customer service, innovative quality products and a creative flair in the sector

  • For quicker turnaround times
  • Brexit proof


Aligned with market and consumer demands

Preservative free using aseptic technology

  • 1.6T (2 x 800kg tanks)
  • 12 – 25kg pergals

High fruit ID -using aseptic technology and open pan vessels

  • Including glazes with tailored flow and setting properties

Health and wellbeing

  • Reduced sugar, cleaner label, vegan, more fruits, gluten free

Seasonal and unique fruits and flavours


Note: MOQs and risk mitigation measures on raw materials may apply to bespoke development  




SMOOBEES are soft and smooth inclusions that bring more flavours, more fruits, more texture and more creativity in baked good

Cream & caramel

Cream & caramel

Silky-smooth cream fillings popular with bakeries and patisseries include vanilla, chocolate, caramel, dulce de leche, nuts, speculoos, lemon cream and cream cheese. Each filling delivers a beautifully creamy sensation.



Fruit fillings bring nature's rainbow of colours and flavours. Instead of cultivated berries, Puratos chooses wild berries, which give you a richer and fuller flavour. Discover Nordic berries like lingonberries, which are high in antioxidants and sometimes called 'super fruits.

Chocolate & Nuts

Chocolate & Nuts

Great taste lies at the heart of every stage of chocolate filling development: from our careful selection of cocoa powders to the incorporation of real Belgian chocolate.

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