Bread improvers

Bread improvers provide peace of mind. They help you control all the uncertainties within the bread production process, such as variations in temperature, humidity, flour and labour. In this way, they enable you to ensure consistent premium results with every batch you bake.

For more than 60 years, Puratos has been pioneering improvements in bread production. Our bread improvers offer the unique benefits of vertical integration through the production of enzymes and natural sourdough.

Whether you’re in the fresh, packaged or frozen bread sector, our improvers will help you overcome production challenges and ensure top-quality products. Our portfolio is also extensive, ranging from complete multi-purpose improvers to tailor-made modular approaches, so you’re bound to find the solution that fits your requirements.


What are the advantages of using bread improvers?

Bread Improver


Tigris | Bakery


All purpose quality powder bread improver

S500 Sense | Bakery

S500 Sense

Premium all purpose bread improver with natural sourdough flavour

S500 Clean Label | Bakery

S500 Clean Label

Premium all-purpose clean label bread improver

S500 | Bakery


Premium all purpose bread improver

Frialux Controller

Frialux Controller

Improver in paste form for all rich fermented doughs.

Soft'r Intens Shortbite

Soft'r Intens Shortbite

Provides short bite in soft bakery products. Great in products heated in the microwave.

Soft'r Melting

Soft'r Melting

Premium improver for development of sweet goods with four key texture parameters; optimal moistness; short bite and resilience.

Soft'r Cotton

Soft'r Cotton

Improver for all soft fermented applications to provide volume, softness and shelf life.

S500 Suractiv Red

S500 Suractiv Red

Premium improver which provides great tolerance within long-fermented products such as pizza, danish and croissants.

All Purpose CL

All Purpose CL

Concentrated multi-purpose CL improver. Provides great freshness and tolerance in all fermented goods.

SC 500

SC 500

Premium improver specifically for scotch and morning roll applications. Provides excellent freshness and tolerance to fermented goods.

Soft'r Soft Roll 2010 | Bakery

Soft'r Soft Roll 2010

Powdered concentrate for the production of soft roll doughs. Develops great shelf life utilising modern emulsifiers and enzymes.

Soft'r Bun Concentrate | Bakery

Soft'r Bun Concentrate

For the production of all sweet & soft fermented goods, performs exceptionally well in soft buns.

Soft'r soft Roll 7% | Bakery

Soft'r soft Roll 7%

Concentrated mix for the production of all soft rolls and soft breads to provide great texture and shelf life to products. Develops soft eating closed texture and is suitable for wholemeal.

Rustic Improver | Bakery

Rustic Improver

High tolerance powder improver for wholemeal, brown breads and sweet fermented goods.

Puraslim | Bakery

Puraslim P

Puraslim is an innovative ingredient that can reduce or replace fat in soft & sweet bread. It can also enhance the richness of baked goods.

Intens Mould Control | Bakery

Intens Mould Control

Mould inhibitor to enhance shelf life

Intens Freshness Cool | Bakery

Intens Freshness Cool

Modular ingredient in powder form that optimizes freshness of soft baked refrigerated products. Can be added to any recipe, on top of existing bread improvers

Intens Freshness | Bakery

Intens Freshness

Modular solution to improve the freshness of baked products

Easy Doughnut | Patisserie

Easy Doughnut

Concentrate providing great volume and softness for the production of ball or sheeted doughnuts.

Easy Ciabatta | Bakery

Easy Ciabatta

Concentrate for the production of Ciabatta and other continental crusty specialities

Easy Baguette | Bakery

Easy Baguette

Concentrate for the production of baguettes and other continental crusty specialities